Mountain Residence

Service and Management Company

Service and Management Company of your apartment will be provided by Mountain Residence Service.

Your investment will bring only results, but not worries

Bukovel Residence Service

Works on reception basis and provides following services:

Receives every payment from the sources of selling your apartment

Checks-in the hosts due to the scheme of proportional load of the building, starting from less-loaded room

Controls the clean-up and refreshes mini-bar

Provides the financial management

Financial management

How your income is being determined?

Net rental income is distributed according to the area of the owner’s apartment, taking into account the view from the room (forest or panorama of the resort), regardless of occupancy during the month.

Mountain Residence Service manages your apartments and pays commissions to resellers, makes utility bills and sends reports to apartment owners.

You are relaxing while your business is working. 

How it works?

Choose and buy your own apartment in Mountain Residence.

Sing up contract with tour operator, Cleaning company and Service and Management Company

Get pleasure and dividends from successful investment